What others say about me

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DE, Public Sector Manager

It has been a pleasure to work with Jo and I now have a CV which I feel positively represents my skills and experience. It is great to have a document in which I have confidence and that reflects who I am! I appreciated Jo’s collaborative working style and prompt responses as my CV was moving through drafts to the final version. I feel that Jo genuinely understands both my sector and the type of role I am aiming to secure and I am very pleased with the result.

AH, Consultant/Marketing Director

Jo helped me to think deeply about my responsibilities and achievements throughout my career, and I must confess that was a challenge for me to translate into words, so the final result was pretty interesting. After Jo's input the message was clear and straight to the point. Highly recommend Jo's services.

NR, Project Manager

Jo was able to assess and offer advice on how I could improve the content of my CV.  Through her experience of recruitment and writing CVs she understood much better than me about how my CV needed to look and what information it had to convey.  She was friendly and professional, responding quickly and efficiently.  I am now more confident to submit my CV, after Jo's help in making it more relevant.

Emma, Administrator

After finding myself out of work, I trawled through websites looking at tips on how to write a CV. I had an old one which was ok but I knew I waffled too much and found it hard to sell myself. Jo quickly got to grips with my past roles and the type of position I was looking for. Jo's suggestions were logical and yet so simple. I'm looking forward to sending out my CV with enthusiasm and hopefully a positive outcome. Thank you!

Jess, Customer Service

Working with Jo has given me back my confidence when applying for jobs and provided me with a CV I am proud of. Her collaborative approach has really helped me to reconnect with my past experiences which will help me beyond the initial application process. I highly recommend her services to everyone.

Laura, Social Sector Leader

It's been a pleasure working with Jo. She's been amazing in helping me to focus on the impact I've made and more eloquently and clearly craft my leadership story.  Excited to share my CV and see where my next role will be. Thank you Jo!

JR, Commercial Strategy Manager

It has been great to reconnect with Jo, after several years of leaving the firm. Her support and sharp advice has been very useful to keep my profile relevant. Thanks Jo!

J, Journalist

Jo overhauled my CV from something that looked fairly amateur and outdated to one that was professional, polished, and competitive. Far beyond just changing the format and appearance (another CV service I used before just made cosmetic changes), she spoke to me and helped to shape my narrative so it suited just the sorts of jobs I was applying for. Her work on my cover letter was also transformative. Would definitely recommend. 

TC, Analyst, Private Banking

It was an absolute pleasure to work with Jo. She went into every small detail in my CV and cover letter and really understood what I wanted to communicate about my skillset. I was very happy with the final product, the turnaround time was rapid, and the service was exemplary.

Jack, Engineer

Jo has completely transformed my CV from the long and unorganised list of previous experience I initially provided, to a perfectly presented and informative final draft. Communicating with Jo has been such an ease and she has really helped to highlight some of the best attributes in my CV. I will most certainly return to Jo for any further enquiries in the future and will be referring anyone I know in need of a similar service. Thankyou!