Jo Randall CV Writer Terms and Conditions of Service

Effective as of 1 January 2020. Revised on 1 January 2021


  1. By paying for the services of Jo Randall CV Writer, you, the client, are agreeing to provide Jo Randall CV Writer with access to relevant professional and personal information as requested for the sole purpose of the CV writing service. 

  2. Payment for the services of Jo Randall CV Writer must be made in advance upon receipt of the relevant invoice outlining the agreed service being provided.  The service will commence upon receipt of payment. 

  3. Details of services provided are as follows: 

    1. Review service – limited to proofreading and formatting. Basic advice on improving content can be made but will not include revisions. 

    2. Boost service – limited to improving existing content. Does not include introduction of new content. 

    3. Generate service – content created from scratch based on completion of questionnaire or verbal consultation.

  4. All communication will take place via email.​

  5. All costs include time taken for production of documents and gathering of additional information. 

  6. Costs are based on one document. If multiple versions are required, an additional quote will be provided for this. 

  7. CV / cover letter will be provided as a Word document - PDF can also be provided upon request.

  8. LinkedIn profile content will be provided as a Word document to comply with both LinkedIn and general data protection regulations. 

  9. Refunds are not available after the service commences. The service provided is bespoke and payment is for invested time and forward planning of client volume.  

  10. Business hours are Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm. Expected turnaround times are 48 hours (excluding bank holidays and weekends) for a review service, 3-7 days (excluding bank holidays and weekends) for a boost service and 7-10 days (excluding bank holidays and weekends) for a generate service. This timing relates to the amount of time Jo Randall CV Writer will spend on each service and does not necessarily reflect the duration of the service as this is also dependent on client response times and time taken to gather additional information needed. If requested, Jo Randall CV Writer will provide revised completion times. 

  11. Revisions will need to be provided / requested by you via email. Jo Randall CV Writer will provide revisions of your document/s until you are happy with the final document/s. Revisions are not applicable to any of the review services.

  12. If you fail to respond to communication from Jo Randall CV Writer at any part of the service being provided within 14 calendar days, Jo Randall CV Writer will assume that you have withdrawn your interest in the agreed services and work will be discontinued. Recommencement of agreed services after this time will incur a £35 charge.

  13. The content of your CV / cover letter / LinkedIn profile is based on the information you provide via email, questionnaire or call to be true and Jo Randall CV Writer does not accept responsibility for any information subsequently found to be false or misrepresented. 

  14. Once Jo Randall CV Writer has provided the final document/s, responsibility is transferred to you for ensuring its accuracy. 

  15. Jo Randall CV Writer provides no guarantee of interviews or career progression. The purpose of Jo Randall CV Writer’s services is to improve the overall format or content of your CV / cover letter / LinkedIn profile to increase your chances of being shortlisted for interview / enhance your career progression. 

  16. Jo Randall CV Writer will use information supplied during the course of providing services to you and will only process data you provide in accordance with UK data protection legislation. Information provided will be retained for 3 months in case further services are required relating to this information. All documents and personal information held will then be deleted and / or destroyed.