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Whether you're a school leaver or senior executive, I'll work with you to ensure your CV is professional, well-written and showcases your strongest achievements to help you stand out in a competitive job market. Where necessary, it will also be optimised for applicant tracking systems (ATS) to boost your chances of getting over the first hurdle.


I provide a number of options depending on your circumstances - once you've decided which service you think is most suitable, please complete an enquiry form. I'll then get in touch to ask for further information to confirm.

Suitable if you're happy with the content of your CV, but want to ensure it is looking the best it can be before submitting it for your dream job.  This service is focused on proofreading and formatting, but I'm also to happy offer a few basic pointers if I think your CV can be improved in other ways.

All you'll need to do is send your CV to me and I'll do the rest.

Turnaround time 48 hours



£30 for CV

£45 for CV plus cover letter

This is ideal if you have the bones of your CV in place, but need help to improve and enhance the content. 

For this service, I'll need a copy of your current CV and a couple of examples of the types of roles you're interested in. I'll then likely request further information via email to make sure we really capture your best qualities and achievements.

Turnaround time 3-7 business days

£75 / £105


School leavers, graduates, up to 1 years' experience: £75 / £100 inc cover letter

Over 1 years' experience: £105 / £140 inc cover letter

The perfect option if you just don't know where to start! Maybe you've never written a CV before, or you're looking for a career change and want to start afresh so you can better represent your transferable experience. Maybe you just want to ensure you have a new CV that really stands out from the crowd in a competitive market.

This service will involve an initial phone consultation and/or the completion of a questionnaire, so that I can fully understand what you have to offer to potential employers.

Turnaround time 7-10 business days

£125 / £175


School leavers, graduates, up to 1 years' experience: £125 / £165 inc cover letter

Over 1 years' experience: £175 / £225 inc cover letter

LinkedIn profile

In an increasingly digital world, having an engaging LinkedIn profile to act as your professional marketing tool is essential. I'll help you to maximise the potential of your profile so that you can leverage it to land your next job.

I'll proofread and provide feedback on your full profile. I'm also happy to offer some basic tips on how you can more effectively utilise LinkedIn for your job search. Just send me your LinkedIn profile URL and I'll respond with a comprehensive report.

Turnaround time 48 hours


20% discount if combined with CV writing service

This service is ideal for those who have content within their profile but it needs a refresh. I'll update your 'headline', 'about' and 'experience' sections using your existing profile or CV. I'll also review and provide advice on all other sections to help you to enhance your profile and better understand how to utilise LinkedIn for your job search. 

Turnaround time 3-7 business days

£75 / £105

School leavers, graduates, up to 1 years' experience: £75

Over 1 years' experience: £105

20% discount if combined with CV writing service

If you don't currently have a LinkedIn profile or it's very basic, I'll build the content for the 'headline', 'about' and 'experience' sections of your profile following a consultation call, questionnaire, or by working from your CV. I'll also ensure the rest of your profile is engaging for potential employers and maximises your online visibility. Finally, I'll help you to understand how to utilise LinkedIn effectively for your job search.

Turnaround time 7-10 business days

£125 / £175

School leavers, graduates, up to 1 years' experience: £125

Over 1 years' experience: £175

20% discount if combined with CV writing service

See terms and conditions for full details of services.

Payment and acceptance of terms and conditions will be requested prior to any work starting.

Your privacy is very important. All files sent to me will remain private and confidential and will never be shared with a third party in any way.

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