This is not the time for modesty

Happy new year all – I couldn’t be happier to write these words!

I think we are all pleased to have sent 2020 packing into what we hope will soon be a very distant memory. We now look collectively and optimistically to 2021 with the hope that it will be a year of recovery, both for the population’s health and the economy.

Photo by Patrick Fore on Unsplash

Many jobs have been lost through the collapse of businesses large and small across most sectors, employees still live with the worry they won’t be returning to work when furlough ends, and parents continue to ricochet between the workplace and home-schooling. The virus continues to wreak havoc on the working week and the job market is looking uncertain at best.

The new year is often the time people start job searching as resolutions are made and we have a tendency to reflect on the year gone by, but more people than usual will likely be hitting the job boards this month. Your CV, more than ever, needs to stand out from the competition and really sell you and your achievements. This is not the time for modesty.

Bragging about your achievements can sometimes feel uncomfortable, but it’s not bragging if you’re talking about your actual experiences and skills and you’re able to back them up with great examples. Quantify your achievements where possible and use strong verbs at the start of your bullet points to highlight the impact you’ve had in your previous roles. Just be careful not to over-embellish!

There’s a time and a place for ‘I’ vs ‘we’, and this is definitely the time and place for more ‘I’ than ‘we’. Even when demonstrating your team-working skills, which most roles will require, you need to talk about what you contributed as a member of the team. What you’re trying to show the recruiter is why you are the best person for the job compared to other people who may be similarly qualified, so you owe it to yourself to shout loudly about your team-working skills and all the other accomplishments that are going to get you that job or promotion.

Finally, if boasting about yourself on paper makes you cringe, just ask someone to do it for you - it's not the time for subtlety either so get in touch: